Vermont Custom Woodworking

About Vermont Woodshop

Welcome to our woodshop, nestled in the Green Mountains of Vermont.

Enjoy a walk through our unique range of award winning pieces crafted from hard woods out of Vermont forests... All inspired by our rustic Vermont heritage!

Meet our team below!


Randy & kayak


This special little woodshop located in the heart of vermont features the artistry of Master Woodworker, Randy Crossman.

His unique woodworking skills range from rustic wooden trail signs and reproductions of Vermont sleigh tables, to his highly intricate wooden jigsaw puzzles. Vermont remains the inspiration for Randy's award-winning pieces, drawn from his 7th generation roots and his love of handcrafted wooden products. Randy has designed and created many pieces of fine furniture. Several of his high-end puzzles have been inlayed into one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture.


Morgan and Randy



Randy's daughter, Morgan, is Vermont Woodshop's Director of Operations. Morgan oversees website content, marketing and outreach, as well as specialized product lines developed to raise funding and awareness for autism and rare genetic disorders. Morgan holds a PhD in Social Policy and a Master's in Applied Developmental and Educational Psychology and currently works in clinical research at Boston Children's Hospital.






Randy's wife of 33 years (and high school sweetheart), Karen is Vermont Woodshop's Business Manager. Karen manages many aspects of the business, including the finances, shipping, and customer service. Karen's expertise follows 18 years of owning and managing a gift shop, formerly known as The Treasure Chest.







Having studied Art at the University of Vermont, Randy's son Dustin lends his creativity and design skills as Vermont Woodshop's Creative Design Manager. Dustin also uses his artistic flair in his postion as a cook at the prestigious Liberty Hotel in Boston, MA.




Jerry Munger



Jerry has provided several of the background photographic images of Vermont for our website. Jerry's passion for photography, as well as his technical background, accurately depict the feel of Vermont we hope to portrey on our website. Thank you, Jerry! To see more of Jerry's photography please visit 





Tara Middleton



Alongside Morgan, Tara has joined the Vermont Woodshop team as a digital marketing specialist. She primarily works on website and social media content as well as other outreach efforts. Although Tara is not based in Vermont, she does have strong ties to the state after graduating from UVM in 2013. Tara then received her M.A. in Integrated Marketing Communications from Emerson College and now enjoys freelance marketing opportunities! Tara is also a full-time Marketing Specialist for HireGrowth Executive Search Group